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We are known for maximizing valuations for our clients. For 27 years, we have increased the value of businesses like no other.
Our Differentials
We bring value to your deal

Strong reputation
Over the past 27 years, more than 400 transactions.
Owner to owner
We’re 31 partners, 100% of our transactions were led by current partners.
High Performance
Enabled over 400 business owners to successfully transition or grow their companies.
What makes us stand out


Analysis, Improvement and Active Positioning


Competition Increases Value

Due Diligence and Contracts

Negotiation Track-Record and Proprietary Data
What do they say

A. Yoshida

Yoshida & Hirata
In every single chat, there was absolute consensus about igc being the real deal. They’re totally in sync with the agribusiness lingo, which has built an unwavering foundation of trust for us.